Who we are

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 Chief Executive Officer


Vickie Hoffman is a founder and the current President of Roberts-Hoffman Software. Vickie has over 20 years experience in healthcare. During this time, Vickie was the principal architect for the RHS accounts receivable and billing systems, which have been successfully used in both hospitals and clinics. Vickie has extensive experience in systems implementation including workflow assessment and design, software processes, and end-user training. Vickie has a degree in Business Administration with a minor in technology.
bdm-finished-02Chief Operating Officerbrady.mathis@robertshoffman.com Brady Mathis began with Roberts-Hoffman in 1998 as a developer for the RHS billing systems.  Since then, he has been instrumental in upholding the Roberts-Hoffman standard of quality, responsiveness, and customer service; he keeps everything humming.  Most recently he guided the Neuron engineering team through the development, implementation, and ONC 2011 certification of the inpatient EHR.  Brady is now the manager of the Neuron Health open source community.  When he’s not focusing on technology that helps people, you’ll find him in the wilds of Colorado with his wife and kids.
Chief Technology Officerdj.jacob@robertshoffman.com D.J. Jacob joined Roberts-Hoffman in 2010, quickly becoming an integral part of the organization. Working closely with clinical and administrative staff, he led the development team in the creation of the ONC certified EHR.  D.J. has degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science and a passion for technology and problem solving.  He enjoys travelling, gardening, and hitting the slopes in the beautiful mountains of Colorado.


The Beginning

We are a Colorado company founded in 1996 by Jack L. Roberts and Vickie Hoffman in order to provide integrated software solutions for the healthcare community.  Since that time, we have built strong partnerships with healthcare provider organizations, technology companies, and information providers which has enabled us to be a pioneer in healthcare software.

Our Customers Are First

Our vision is to deliver a customer experience that cannot be matched by off-the-shelf software products and services.  The solutions we provide bring together domain expertise and clinical knowledge with technology that is relevant to healthcare today.  The Roberts-Hoffman Software team specializes in integrating clean and professional software with sound clinical practices so you can work smarter, not harder!

The Strength of Community

The Roberts-Hoffman EHR System is built on current and proven open source technology.  Core components like ApachePostgreSQL, and Java give our customers the confidence that their systems can grow with them.  The communities which cause these projects to thrive provide quality assurance, governance, and security that is required to handle personal health information.

 Trust, Integrity, Responsiveness

We earn our customers’ trust by our commitment to responsiveness in service and integrity in business.

Talk with us, we’d love to hear from you!

Corporate HQ | Gothenburg, Nebraska | USA
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Innovative solutions for healthcare using open source technologies