Tolven Resources

Here’s a collection of resources for Tolven users, developers, and implementers.  We have found these useful internally and I hope you find them helpful.  If you have a question that isn’t addressed here, please visit our forum, and we’ll do our best to help you out.

Technical Assets

Tolven Virtual Machine Roberts-Hoffman A simple Linux VM with the Tolven platform installed, perfect for evaluating Tolven without having to setup and deploy it.
 Tolven Source Code Tolven This is the official open source release of Tolven.  The current snapshot is from March 2014.
 Neuron Plugins Neuron Health These are open source plugins for the Tolven platform.  We started this project to promote open source in healthcare.
OpenSSL Binaries Roberts-Hoffman OpenSSL binaries for Windows built from updated source (post heartbleed).


Technical Documentation

THE Install Guide Neuron Health A guide for the beginner.  Use this guide to get your own Tolven/Neuron instance up and running.  Includes a troubleshooting guide as well.  You won’t find an end-to-end guide like this anywhere else (if you do, let me know)!
Tolven Data Flow Tolven This is essentially the Tolven README.  So, really, read it! 🙂  Understanding the terms and concepts in this white paper is essential to using and working in the Tolven Platform.
 Tolven Metadata Tolven The metadata is another core attribute of what makes Tolven work.  This document has lost some of its screenshots, but it is still a good reference.
 TRIM Tolven Tolven’s Templated Reference Information Model (TRIM).  The basis for Tolven’s information flow and the keystone of the NoSQL datastore.
Tolven Rules Tolven Using JBoss Drools to define workflow in Tolven takes a solid understanding of the preceding documents as well as a good grasp of the rule execution environment.  Must read.
 White Papers Tolven Tolven has created an assortment of whitepapers that describe the components of Tolven in technical detail.
 Developers Guide  Neuron Health This guide will help you get a development environment setup in your local IDE.


User Guides and Module Documentation

Application Organization Neuron Health This guide helps you understand how the application components look and feel in the browser.
Information Organization Neuron Health Data is presented consistently across the entire application.  This document reviews the concepts in data presentation.
 Consolidated CPOE Neuron Health This is a basic reference to the Neuron CPOE plugin.  It includes configuration and usage.
 Medication Orders Neuron Health The Neuron medication order plugin uses drug information and interaction checking from Lexicomp.
 Vitals Assessment Neuron Health This plugin from Neuron is a consolidated vitals entry screen with a strong focus on information integrity.  This also includes a custom portlet view.


System Administration

Application Security Neuron Health Start here.  This guide gives you an overview of how the permissions model works in the underlying Tolven framework.  You will be glad you did! 🙂
Accessing Gatekeeper Neuron Health A quick how-to for the first step in security administration in Tolven
 Create a User Neuron Health How to create Tolven users in the Gatekeeper
 Create a Role Neuron Health How to create roles for permissions in the Gatekeeper
 Change Password Neuron Health This is a guide for how end users can change their own password.  Frankly, it’s not as easy as it could be.
 Password Reset Neuron Health When the user has forgotten their password, use this simple guide for performing an administrative reset.
 Customize Menus Neuron Health It isn’t exactly intuitive, but “Customize Menus” is where you assign permissions to roles.  Tolven works on a pretty standard RBAC method at this level.


Tolven Implementations

Cyrus-XP Here, Tolven is part of a Long Term Care system in production use here in the U.S.
ViaSano A lightweight Tolven implementation used in several women’s health clinics.
 And more.. Here’s a whole list of other Tolven projects maintained by Tolven web doctors.  Tolven Clients



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