The RHS Difference

Our design and development team has taken great care to make a user experience in our browser-based EHR that is clear and intuitive.  We understand that end-user adoption is essential to the success of any software project. This fact becomes even more important when those users are clinical professionals who must have a clear view of a patient’s health information in order to provide quality care.  Thus, Roberts-Hoffman has built a set of plugins to the open source Tolven Platform that improve and simplify the screens and create intelligent workflows to make the system a delight to use.  See for yourself!  The screens below illustrate the the Roberts-Hoffman difference.

Vitals Entry

Below you can see the prototype plugin, which allows browser-based entry of vital observations such as height, weight, BP, pulse, etc.  Each of these observations is entered one-at-a-time.

Tolven prototype vital entry

In the Roberts-Hoffman vitals assessment plugin, you get all of the vital observations on one screen as a complete assessment.  In addition, we built in data integrity measures and visual queues for normal ranges.

Neuron vitals entry


In addition to collecting all the pertinent data in one place, we created a custom display portlet that shows the end-user all of the vital observations in one place, along with the date and time of the most recent observation.  Notice that out-of-range values are in red.


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