Open Source Health

If any industry needs to realize the benefits of open source, it is healthcare.  That is why Roberts-Hoffman has sponsored the Neuron Health project.  It is a grass-roots community effort designed to stay relevant to the needs of developers and small providers.


The functional systems and the code for Neuron Health are not just open, they are accessible.  The team at Roberts-Hoffman has created extensive documentation for the end-user as well as a developer’s guide that is focused on a more technical audience.  We have invested resources to lower the barriers for users and organizations who want to try out the Neuron system.


It is a significant advantage to developers and small providers to tap into the diverse expertise of the healthcare community at large.  The team at Neuron Health is actively building connections and relationships with organizations that represent the best of participation and contribution to healthcare and open source, including, Black Duck Software and Lexicomp.  Collaboration with these organizations consistently yields smart solutions.


Open source does not mean relaxed standards for security, system robustness, and quality components.  In fact, the opposite is true.  More eyes on the code reduces bugs and faults.  System components, such as the PostgreSQL database and JBoss application server, are widely adopted and have a proven track record of stability and performance.  These foundational components, through the community-focused models they employ, are available at a fraction of the cost of proprietary equivalents.


Innovative solutions for healthcare using open source technologies