Neuron Health

Roberts-Hoffman is proud to sponsor the Neuron Health open source project.   This open source initiative is focused on three simple objectives:

  • Building the open source healthcare community  (Read more…)
  • Demonstrating the viability of open source for healthcare solutions  (Read more…)
  • Enabling developers, vendors, and providers to achieve optimum function, without system replacement  (Read more…)

In July of 2010, the Roberts-Hoffman team began building an inpatient EHR system on top of the open source Tolven Platform.  The first modules of that system went into production use in January 2011, became ONC 2011 certified in March of 2012, and facilitated successful attestation to Meaningful Use the following June.  Throughout this period, our engineers continued creating and implementing clinical functions in close association with the clinical team at our partner facility.

We set out to make a system that would handle both inpatient and ambulatory care in an intuitive way.  To this end, our team has extended the Tolven Platform and developed modules, which all integrate with the longitudinal patient record that is the heart of Neuron Health.   Every piece of clinical data captured in the course of patient care can be viewed in an encounter context or as part of the patient’s continuum.

Neuron includes the core of a configurable interface system that facilitates the exchange of coded and discrete clinical data.  Enhanced interface modules have been created so that Neuron is ready to communicate with Mirth channels, which will allow a developer nearly unlimited flexibility in data exchange.

Roberts-Hoffman has bundled many of the clinical modules and core enhancements that are part of the production EHR system, and released these under the GPL v3 open source license.  Please feel free to download, explore, and make use of the tools in the Neuron Health project.  Also, we’d love to hear from you if you like (or don’t like) these components.

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