Neuron Community

Perceptions of open source are changing.  The notion that open projects are suited for hobbyist programmers and researchers, but lack the quality, robustness, and security to support commercial operations is simply no longer valid.  The annual open source survey conducted by Black Duck Software supports this with relevant industry data.  In fact, even healthcare is beginning to embrace open source projects because they deliver quality and security.

This is where Neuron Health comes in.  Roberts-Hoffman has committed to sustaining this project and growing a community.


First, we’ve built on a proven platform to ensure scalability and quality.   Our engineering team has worked to develop not only functional modules, but in maintaining core components as well.


Roberts-Hoffman has built a number of end-user and technical guides and made these freely available to lower the barriers for folks who want to experiment with Neuron.  Our install guide can have you running your own instance of the system quickly.  Additionally, our engineers have made the source code for Neuron open (released under the GPL v3 license) and easily accessible on SourceForge to actively encourage developer participation.

Innovative solutions for healthcare using open source technologies