Improving the EHR

There is no single perfect EHR system; the complexity and diversity of care providers makes a purportedly “complete” system merely almost there.   We think Neuron Health is the way to improve user experience, quality data capture, and communication between systems, while making use of the EHR system you already have.

Roberts-Hoffman has successfully designed and implemented systems in healthcare for 20 years, and we have smashed all this experience and know-how into our vision for the Neuron Health community.  Solutions built with the Neuron tools can:

  • Reduce workflow complexity
  • Improve data quality and context
  • Enable electronic data exchange

Often, the largest gains can be made by the simplest changes.  For example, enabling a user to document their actions at the point of patient contact can make all the difference in the timeliness and quality of data, and the positive user perception.  Overly complex workflows force your users to skip the documentation process because they don’t have time right now, and casts a shadow on the user’s experience.  It is our mission to find these points of difficulty and build a smarter, faster, simpler user experience; to make a screen that captures the data YOU need; to exchange that information seamlessly with all connected systems in your organization.

This is Neuron Health:  making the connection.

Innovative solutions for healthcare using open source technologies