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Tolven Platform Selected for Inpatient EHR

We have scrutinized several options for accelerating the development of an inpatient EHR and selected the Tolven Platform for our framework.  Tolven is robust, to say the least.  In the arena of open source health platforms, the Tolven data model and Service Oriented Architecture are the heavies!  We will be working with the Tolven team to streamline our implementation and get a jump-start on development.  Everyone is excited already, having seen the potential in the prototype plugins that come with the open source bundle of Tolven.

Roberts-Hoffman Team Receives CHP and CSCS

The Roberts-Hoffman team has successfully completed HIPAA training and certification from ecFirst.  Vickie Hoffman (CEO) has received the Certified HIPAA Professional (CHP) and Brady Mathis has also received the CHP as well as Certified Security and Compliance Specialist (CSCS).  Ongoing training and certification is part of our commitment to supporting our customers and protecting patient privacy and security.

Roberts-Hoffman building EHR system

In January of this year, the Roberts-Hoffman team began building an EHR system under contract with a 16-bed Critical Access Hospital in western Colorado.    Our partner, Family Health West, had evaluated other systems and found that they did not offer a feature-set that met the needs of the smaller Critical Access Hospital.  Thus, Family Health West’s administrators asked the Roberts-Hoffman team to design and build an EHR that would meet their needs and achieve ONC certification.  The administrative team had confidence in our team because of their long-standing relationship as a Roberts-Hoffman customer.

Roberts-Hoffman is proud to have been selected as a development partner with Family Health West, and we look forward to beginning this exciting project.