Conundrum Release out of Beta

Release 2.3.1 (the 20150625 snapshot) brings the “Conundrum” release out of beta, upgrading Neuron to the March 14, 2014 release of Tolven and addressing several other issues in Neuron. Here’s what’s new in Conundrum:

Compatibility with Java 7 and Drools v6

Improved column width calculation

The application now uses the average character width, determined from information supplied by the client browser, to better determine how many characters can be displayed in a given column before truncation is necessary.

Resolved issues in list displays

Display issues on lists such as the HCQM Encounters list, Outbound Message Queue, and Electronic Notes lists have been resolved.

Removed medications with Lexicomp drug lookup

Since the Medication Administration Record (MAR) plugin depends on the proprietary Lexicomp libraries, we have elected to remove this plugin from the open source collection. Thus Neuron no longer contains the MAR and all its dependent plugins. However, the MAR plugins are still freely available as is the source code. Please contact the team at Neuron Health for information about these plugins.

Resolved references to a deprecated allergies list

The Neuron plugins contained references to a list that has been deprecated. These references have been updated. echr:patient:allergies:current is no longer a valid list. All references to this list have been updated to echr:patient:allergies:active.

Additional default properties

We have added a set of default patient types to represent Inpatient. These values are specified in org.rhsoftware.inpatientPatientTypes and may be modified for your instance. The values in this system property control the workflow in the Consolidated CPOE module.

Resolved issues in the nullification of vitals

During the beta period, we found an error that prevented users from nullifying certain observations within a vitals assessment. This problem was due to an error stemming from the introduction of “fuzzy” dates in Tolven. We made changes to the Vitals Assessment TRIMs to reference the correct data element with the appropriate precision.

Updated javascript for wizards

We resolved some compatibility problems between Neuron code and updated javascript for wizards in the Tolven snapshot. This new javascript enables enhanced functionality in several wizards, such as the allergies wizard.

Important Notes:

Many, if not all, development and testing instances will use auto-generated certificates and key pairs for a Neuron instance. However, most modern browsers will no longer render a page that uses a key with less than 2048-bit RSA security. This means that previous auto-generated keys will no longer work. You will receive an error message in the browser when you attempt to login to the Neuron instance. Take a look at Generating 2048-bit RSA Keys for Neuron for a detailed guide that will help you resolve this problem.

Also, please note that this is a major upgrade, so please see our Upgrade Considerations page.