Neuron Health Upgrade Beta Release

The team at Neuron Health has just published a beta version of a significant upgrade to the open source Neuron Platform.  Check it out on SourceForge!

Release 2.3.0-beta1, codenamed Conundrum, is a major release that incorporates updates for several system components.  Due to these changes in core components, Release 2.3.0-beta1 Conundrum is being released as a beta.  As such, this release has known issues with certain Neuron plugins (see below) and several upgrade considerations must be evaluated before using this release.  Therefore, Release 2.3.0-beta1 Conundrum should NOT be implemented in a production environment.

Java version 7

As of this release, both the Neuron application environment and the Neuron development environment require Java version 7.  When installing this release, be sure to have the correct JDK/JRE installed.  Also, ensure that environmental variables and configurations are set to use the appropriate version of Java.

JBoss Drools version 6

Neuron now includes the updated JBoss Drools libraries for Drools version 6.  The underlying Tolven snapshot includes the upgrade for Drools.  As a consequence of this change, all rules packages should be reviewed for compatibility and proper execution in this new runtime environment.

Tolven snapshot 20140314

Neuron is now deployed alongside the current Tolven snapshot (dated 3/14/2014).  There are some core changes in this snapshot, including changes to the TolvenEJB plugin.  As of this beta release, there are some issues that must be resolved between the Neuron plugins and the Tolven core.  See Known Issues below for more information.

Head over to the Neuron Health project page or to the SourceForge project wiki for more information.