Order Verification Deployed!

If you missed it from last month, check out my initial post about order verification.   We’ve put together a release including this latest feature and it has completed the QA process.  Just today, it was deployed to the production environment.

I think there is something important to note about this sequence of events:  It is a great example of what we love to do!  First off, no small amount of credit is due the Tolven architects for designing a framework that is as flexible and powerful as it is.  Beyond this, however, we must have competent developers to harness and direct the platform.  The RHS team did something remarkable with the order verification workflow.  Within a single 30-day development cycle, we designed and implemented a whole new step in the workflow and the life cycle of the order.  Not only did this change impact the existing user experience, but also the electronic order interfaces as well.  Way to go team!  You can try to put a brand name (like Agile, Scrum, etc.) on this kind of work, but really it comes down to having a team of great people who are committed to excellence in customer service.