Order Verification Workflow

As the RHS team has worked through an intense QA in preparation for deploying consolidated CPOE to production, we encountered a missing piece in the workflow – order verification.  For our development partner, Family Health West, the order workflow has verification steps that must take place before an order can be acted upon.  As we worked with the customer to design the CPOE flow, verification was hiding under the stacks of paper orders and everyone missed it.  Not to worry.

We are now designing a workflow that directs new inpatient orders to a special list at the facility level.  Then, the staff member responsible for reviewing this order can see new items as they arrive on this list and click the item to view the details on the drill-down page.  If they detect any problems, they can ensure that the order is corrected, or if there are none, they can verify the order and it will become active.  This new feature will be implemented in medication orders and in all ancillary departments as well.