Electronic Notes for Departments

Our recent efforts have yielded some very useful features for the inpatient workflow in the EHR system.  We began by creating an electronic note that would be used for nursing, but we soon realized that this concept of a note could be extended to all departments where charting and documentation are relevant to an inpatient stay.  So, in addition to nursing, we created electronic notes for dietary, physician, pharmacy, social work, and all types of therapies.  One exceptionally handy feature of electronic notes is that the text is searchable; an end-user can simply enter any text into the filter box and all matching notes are displayed.  We took this idea one step deeper as well.  Since all notes are immutable once submitted, we developed the concept of adding an addendum to a note.  Each addendum is stamped with a date and time as well as the user who entered it, and the addendum text is searchable as well.  It is this type feature that makes the RHS system faster and more user-friendly than others.  We strive to implement sophisticated technology that makes the clinical workflow as efficient as possible.