Medication ordering and interaction checking

Roberts-Hoffman has partnered with Lexi-Comp to bring a number of patient safety and clinical decision support features into the EHR system.  First, let me say that we selected Lexi-Comp as the drug database provider because of their willingness to work with a smaller organization – both healthcare providers and software vendors.  Lexi drug information is updated and published monthly along with consumer and clinical education materials in multiple languages, as well as a robust API for Java developers.

Our medication ordering makes use of the Lexi API to provide an advanced drug search module that is linked to the hospital formulary.  This has made a dramatic impact on the efficiency of medication order entry because most common medications are easily located and search results only contain drugs that are on-hand.  In addition, our plugin contains a administrative screen that allows the end-user to manage the formulary and provide specific comments to drugs.

In addition to fast medication selection, we have used the Lexi API to implement a complete set of drug interaction checks for medication orders.  When users select a medication, the system checks for drug-drug interactions with other medications the patient is already taking, drug-allergy interactions, drug-food interactions, and drug-condition interactions.  Also, the API allows the system to check for duplicate therapy and provides comprehensive dose screening.  All of this information is displayed to the end-user using visual cues to indicate the severity of alerts.

neuron drug alerts

The list of active medication in the system also shows the visual indicators of interaction alert severity and will allow the user to see the alerts that were generated at the time of ordering.

neuron medication list