Vitals Assessment Module

The Roberts-Hoffman EHR system has been updated with another functional plugin in a production, inpatient environment:  Enhanced Vitals Assessment.  The prototype plugin collected vitals one-at-a-time, but our advanced wizard page makes use of two components to make a single  point of contact for entering all required vital observations.  First, we designed the underlying document in such a way that each observation will be completely discrete and independent of the consolidated assessment document.  Second, we used our Javascript expertise to provide data integrity controls that alert the user to problems with the information as soon as they have entered it – as opposed to waiting until the user attempts to submit the document.  Among the integrity measures, we implemented a valid range for vital observations (e.g. a systolic blood pressure must be between 30 and 300 in a living subject).  In addition, we also evaluate normal ranges for these data points and display the observations that are outside normal in red.  This is an example of the Roberts-Hoffman difference.